It’s already that time of year again. Time to relax, see friends and family, eat far too much and drink even more! However Christmas in Ecuador is very different to a traditional British Christmas. Not just the turkey will be roasting, we will too, it’s the hottest time of the year, well into the 30’s. Then there is the huge bonus of being right by beautiful Canoa beach.

My favourite thing about the festivities here is that Canoa is such a quiet little place, it is like Christmas is not really happening. In Ecuador Christmas is not such a big deal. All the shops are open on Christmas day and the whole event is about spending time with family and giving each other small but meaningful gifts. The day afterwards everything is back to normal.

The best way to celebrate is by spening some time with the horses on the most stunning beach in the world. There is nothing quite as enjoyable as going for an early morning ride along the beach whilst it is still quiet and watching the waves crash. No beach Christmas day is complete without a bbq, enjoying a few drinks at sunset, then getting back to give the horses their special Christmas dinner of mangos, bananas and carrots. 

Are you guys all ready for Christmas? Are you planning a tropical day or snuggled up hiding from Winter? From the Cabalgatas Canoa team we wish you a Merry Christmas from us and the horses. Enjoy the festivities!