The Cabalgatas Canoa family has a huge love and respect for all animals, therefore the training methodology that we use aims to improve the understanding and communication between our horses and ourselves. Only non-violent training alongside positive reinforcement methods and natural horsemanship style which is communication on the horses level, are used with our horses. This approach respects the natural behaviour and nature of the horse and helps us to understand the worlds from the horse’s perspective. Training aims to introduce new concepts in small chunks so that the horse understands the trainer and is happy to work together with us in partnership. This produces an animal that thinks independently but is happy to listen to their rider or trainer as the method relies heavily on developing a rapport with the horses using their own language of communication.  Teaching through pain and fear do not result in the type of relationship that benefits both horse and handler. Our priority is to ensure that all of our horses are happy, healthy tame, disciplined and ready to enjoy carrying a rider, and of course that our clients enjoy their time in the saddle. This means that both horse and rider enjoy their rides in the beautiful surroundings of Canoa.

Natural horsemanship involves working with horses in a way that is based on the horse’s natural instincts and systems of communication. It is essential to understand that horses do not learn through fear or pain, they learn from pressure and the release of pressure.

Rest and relaxation is important to both man and beast, so we make sure that our horses are never overworked and enjoy at least two days off every week, where they spend their time grazing with their herd. This way they are always fresh, active and never jaded.