In Ecuador, it is difficult to have such a thing a a bad day for a horse ride. This is what makes living here so great. Even when it is raining, it won’t be for long, and it only rains for perhaps four of months every year. When the weather is scorching hot, like today, it just means an early rise or a trail ride later in the day. This is always a great option as you can watch the sunset from horseback and the birds will be more active at dusk. 

We had a lovely cabalgata (the Spanish word for horse ride) today.Through the jungle and into the hills of Canoa. Waving at the villagers and watching the life in the countryside. Meeting men riding past on donkeys, seeing parrots in the trees and then a wonderful treat today, a gorgeous toucan in the palm trees. We were lucky enough to get a good look at him, but no photo worth keeping! None of our two horse rides are ever the same, who knows what we will be able to see next year, on the further adventures of Cabalgatas Canoa? A great way to bring to a close 2016, the toucans are a rare but welcome sighting!