Modern thinking is that we can radically improve the performance of our horses far beyond what we normally see in standardised care routines by simply using a holistic and natural approach, by mimicking nature and providing them with a wholly horse friendly lifestyle. This lifestyle is a standard that Cabalgatas Canoa want for all of our horses.

Our horses are fed as naturally as possible. For as much of the year as possible they are fed solely on rich, lush grass, which also means that they have plenty of room to roam around as their ancestors did. They are not confined to stable and fed an unnatural grain based diet. If grass supplies are low, then they are fed on hay and haylage. Horses are historically designed for relaxed walking over a 24 hour period, taking periods of activity and sleep throughout the day. Therefore the best way to keep our equine friends happy is to give them their freedom on our finca on the beautiful hills encircling Canoa, Ecuador.