Cabalgatas Canoa uses both high quality Western and English tack. You will never find us using uncomfortable wooden saddles or string stirrups! All of our horse tack is full thickness leather tack made in the UK or the USA which we look after extremely well to ensure that nothing will break whilst being used on a horse riding tour. Rider safety is very important to us, which is why we also offer all of our riders EU standard safety riding helmets.

It is very important for the health of the horse that the tack fits the individual horse properly. Poorly fitting saddles and bridles can cause discomfort and pain which leads to incorrect movement of the horse and possible injuries and incorrect hoof wear. Obviously this is bad for the horse but also bad for the rider. It is important to us that our riders enjoy every aspect of their time with us so we ensure that only first class saddles and bridles are used which fit each horse perfectly. Our clients and our horses only deserve the best!